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Event Name: GORUCK ABSOC Basic

Special Event: ABSOC

Company Name: GORUCK

Start Date: November 20, 2022 at 01:00 PM (Local Time at Event Location)

Event Type: Basic

Facebook Event Page: Right Here

Location: Houston, Texas

Event Cadre Details

Cadre Name: Cleve

Cadre Background: Force Recon Marine

Cadre Deployments: Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Asia

Cadre Bio: Cleve believes that it's the simple things in life that are the key to happiness. Like a little pain, misery, and suffering to help bring out the best in us. Out of the Marines, and living in New Jersey. Cleve enjoys spending time with his family, rucking around, falling from the heavens, splashing around in the water, and of course drinking the nectar of the gods, BEER.

Cadre Name: DS

Cadre Background: Air Force Combat Controller

Cadre Deployments: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Africa, Haiti

Cadre Bio: Dan spent his formative years chasing the thrills in the fluid environment of Special Operations. He attempted to calm the chaos of an ever-evolving battlefield armed with a radio, a positive mental attitude and a strong cup of coffee. His three primary mission sets now consists of keeping up with one lucky lady, a feisty daughter and a sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback named Maya. Dan maintains and teaches a “ready for whatever” level of fitness. He finds, fixes and finishes the best chow possible in the most exotic locations. He respects hard workers, risk takers, and those willing to take on arduous and entertaining experiences.

Cadre Name: Cadre Barbarossa

Cadre Background: Army Special Operations

Cadre Deployments: Afghanistan, Horn of Africa, Iraq

Cadre Bio: Barbarossa (red beard) retired out of 5th Special Forces Group after 21 years of service. All of his 18 years in Special Forces was at 5th, with the exception of 3 years as cadre at Special Forces Assessment & Selection helping build future Green Berets. He currently lives in Savannah with his family, sharpening his cocktail making skills on a daily basis.

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