GORUCK Mogadishu Mile Tough Challenge

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Event Details

Event Name: GORUCK Mogadishu Mile Tough Challenge

Special Event: Mogadishu Mile

Company Name: GORUCK

Start Date: September 30, 2022 at 09:00 PM (Local Time at Event Location)

Event Type: Tough Challenge

Facebook Event Page: Right Here

Location: Austin, Texas

Location Name: Town Lake Metropolitan Park (corner of Cummings St and East Ave)

Location Address: Town Lake Metropolitan Park 30 East Avenue, Austin, TX

Event Cadre Details

Cadre Name: Bernardo

Cadre Background: Israeli Special Forces

Cadre Deployments: Middle East, Africa

Cadre Bio: Cadre Be's life begins in the Mexican capital of tacos and tamales. Bernardo relocated to Israel in 2004 and currently resides in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv, world hub for "Matkot." Bernardo has more than a decade's experience serving in the most elite military and law enforcement units of the Israeli establishment. He enjoys martial arts, bacon cheeseburgers and punishing young recruits on the beach every Friday. Bernardo also appreciates a bowl of cornflakes with orange juice, or a good Colombian coffee while sitting at the "throne."

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