GORUCK NYC Vet's Day Honor Ruck

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Event Details

Event Name: GORUCK NYC Vet's Day Honor Ruck

Company Name: GORUCK

Start Date: November 11, 2022 at 09:00 AM (Local Time at Event Location)

Event Type: NYC Vet's Day Honor Ruck

Location: New York, New York

Location Name: New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza Square

Location Address: 55 Water St, New York, NY 10041, New York, NY

Event Cadre Details

Cadre Name: Norwich

Cadre Background: Army Special Forces

Cadre Deployments: Afghanistan, Iraq, Phillippines, Asia

Cadre Bio: Fearing he would “miss the war,” Chris dropped out of the Nation’s oldest private military college, joined the Army, and was awarded the Green Beret. Known on his teams as either Norwich or Boy Scout, the tenants of each are captured in ink on his back. Now separated from Group he tries to impart those lessons learned to his small town police department. Chris is happily married to a remarkable woman and enjoys raising a daughter with a balance of glitter and grit.

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